United States

We will only sell American-made United States flags. We are a dealer for Annin Flagmakers, FlagZone, Eder Flag, Valley Forge Flag Company and FlagSource.

We have many items in stock and available for to be purchased at our store location or to be shipped. Some items may have limited availability or backordered at the US flag makers. Please give us a call at 800-353-3393 and we can assist you.

United States flags are available in various sizes and these fabrics. Flags have embroidered stars and sewn stripes. Printed is available in some sizes.

Nylon - All weather, year-round flag made of 200 denier duPont nylon.  Durable and sun resistant, flies easily in a light breeze, dries quickly.  Most military, historic, state and national flags are available in nylon. This is our most popular flag fabric.

Polyester - Heavy duty and long lasting.  Best suited for high wind locations, does not fly well in light breezes. Deep colors, with an appearance similar to cotton, but with superior durability.   Available in 50 star US flags. Some states and military are available in polyester also - call or email for info.

Cotton -  Traditional character and authenticity.  Deep colors and rich to the touch, but not as durable as modern flag fabrics.  Perfect for holiday and special occasion display, historic flags, photography and ceremonial uses. Limited availability in 50 star US flags and Betsy Ross.

Our most popular US flags are shown below.  Browse through the menu (using the "+" to access the menu) for other items.