Flag Fabrics and Finishes

Which flag fabric should I choose for my United States and other traditional flags?

Nylon - 200 denier duPont nylon, our most popular flag fabric.  Durable and sun resistant, flies easily in a light breeze, dries quickly.  Most military, historic, state and national flags are available in nylon.

Polyester - Heavy duty and long lasting.  Best suited for high wind locations, does not fly well in light breezes. Deep colors, with an appearance similar to cotton, but with superior durability.   Available in 50 star US flags. Some states and military are available in polyester also - call or email for info.

Cotton -  Traditional character and authenticity.  Deep colors and rich to the touch, but not as durable as modern flag fabrics.  Perfect for holiday and special occasion display, historic flags, photography and ceremonial uses.

What fabrics are your decorative flags made of?

Poly-cotton appliquéd - The durability of polyester, blended with the tradition and richness of cotton.  Our appliquéd decorative flags are handcrafted in New England and feature original artwork in a large variety of folk and traditional themes. Designs are visible front and back.  Lettering if used, is visible one side only.

Dyed or printed polyester -  Featuring original artwork from numerous well known artists, our printed decorative flags are made with several different processes, such as dye sublimation or digital printing, for bright crisp colors and durability.

What does sleeved or grommeted mean? 

Grommets have been the traditional finish for flags for many years. Grommeted flags features a canvas band sewn onto one edge, with two or more brass grommets inserted.  Fasten to your pole and bracket set with flag fasteners or tie wraps, or to your upright pole with flagsnaps.  Our largest size US and other traditional flags feature canvas headings reinforced with roped thimbles at either corner, and grommets every few feet along the heading for additional strength and support.

Sleeved is a newer, modern finish.  Starting with decorative flags and now available on US and other flags, it features a folded-over or added-on sleeve sewn on one side of the flag through which you slide your pole, much like you would put a curtain on the curtain rod.  Inside the sleeve is a tab of fabric or leather, with a button-hole or slit.  Just button your flag onto the hook or fastener of your pole, mount it in your bracket and your flag is flying beautifully in a jiffy!   Our garden flags feature a smaller, more fitted sleeve, which slides onto our garden posts with no fasteners needed.