Flag Disposal

How long will my outdoor flag last?

This question has no precise answer.  Flag wear depends on many factors such as wind, rain, pollution, sun exposure and other flying conditions.  These conditions vary with altitude, location, height of flagpole, etc.  The US government requires that their flags last at least 90 days.  Our United States flags meet or exceed these standards.  We have customers replace their flags every 4-6 months, and others whose flag lasts several or even many years.

You can extend the life of your flag by having several which are rotated. Wash your flag on gentle cycle with a mild detergent when it becomes soiled.  Be sure it is thoroughly dry before storing.  Check for fraying and re-hem at the first sign of wear. 

How do I dispose of my worn US flag?

Many local veterans groups offer flag retirement, as do some service organizations, fire companies and scout troops.  We will also be glad to retire your US flag, which we do in cooperation with our local Marine Corps League.  Just send your worn flag to us, or if you are nearby, drop off your flag anytime.  If you are ordering a replacement US flag, in the comment section of your order, request a prepaid return envelope to send your worn flag back to us for retirement.  Be sure to specify the size and fabric of the US flag to be retired so that we can calculate the return postage needed.

If you prefer to retire your own US flag, please do so in a dignified way, by burning privately, or by burial.