Flag Sizing

What size flag do I order for my upright, ground-set flagpole?

Generally, your flag will display best if the length of the long side of your flag is about 1/4 to 1/3 the height of your flagpole.

However, the diameter and wall thickness of your flagpole should also be considered, especially when flying a flag in high wind situations, or if using an over-sized flag. Our one-piece residential and our commercial poles are designed to withstand sustained winds from 60-120 mph or more with a flag flying, depending on the model. But, it is always best to take your flag down when a storm is predicted, to extend the life of your flag and to prevent unnecessary stress on your flagpole.


Flag Pole Height

Recommended Flag Size

 (under normal weather conditions)

 Larger flag size

(be sure of pole strength rating)

15 ft 3 x 5 ft -
20 ft 3 x 5 ft 4 x 6 ft
25 ft 4 x 6 ft 5 x 8 ft
30 ft 5 x 8 ft 6 x 10 ft
35 ft 5 x 8 ft or 6 x 10 ft 8 x 12 ft
40 ft 6 x 10 ft 8 x 12 ft
45 ft 8 x 12 ft 10 x 15 ft
50 ft 8 x 12 ft or 10 x 15 ft 12 x 18 ft
60 ft 10 x 15 ft 12 x 18 ft
70 ft 12 x 18 ft 15 x 25 ft
80 ft 12 x 18 ft 15 x 25 ft
90 ft 15 x 25 ft 20 x 30 ft or 20 x 38 ft
100 ft 15 x 25 ft 20 x 30 ft or 20 x 38 ft
110 - 150 ft

30 x 50 ft or 30 x 60 ft

(check pole strength rating)

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What size pole and bracket set is best for my flag if I want to fly it from a bracket attached to my house?

We carry 5 ft or 6 ft poles in wood, fiberglass, aluminum, as well as our most popular spinning pole, which is available in two colors and two sizes. Most of the poles & brackets we carry are the more popular 1 inch diameter. We do carry 3/4 inch and 1 3/8 inch poles should your existing bracket match those, or if it is your preference.

The charts below should help you decide what size pole and which type of bracket is best for you:

US, nations, states, military, historic & other horizontal flags

 Use angled, adjustable, ultimate or 2-position bracket

2 x 3 ft 5 ft pole
2.5 x 4 ft 5 ft pole
3 x 5 ft 6 ft pole


Why don't you recommend flying polyester US flags from a spinning pole?

The woven polyester which the US polyester flags are made from is extra heavy duty to reduce fraying in a high-wind setting. It is also literally heavy, especially when it gets wet in the rain (or ice-coated in the winter). This can be enough force to bend a spinning pole at its joint (especially with the added stress of high winds). We recommend polyester US flags be mounted on our strongest poles: fiberglass and one-piece aluminum. 

Why are there overlength shipping charges on my flagpole?

 UPS charges are based on dimensions and weight.

What sizes of decorative flags do you carry?

Decorative flags come in 3 standard sizes, which we call garden, medium and large:

Garden Size -  approx. 12.5 x 18 inch.  Available in our polyester printed styles as well as poly-cotton appliquéd.

Medium Size  -  approx 28 x 40 inches, the perfect size for many homes, porches, and areas with limited space. All of our printed decorative flags and many of our poly-cotton appliquéd flag designs are available in this size.

Large Size  -  approx 3 x 4 1/ 2 ft, well suited for medium to large homes or more spacious areas for a beautiful display any time of the year.  Available in poly-cotton appliquéd style only.

What size pole or garden post should I chose to fly my decorative flag?

Decorative or other vertical flags Post (in the ground) or Pole (using adjustable, ultimate or 2-postion bracket)


12 x 18 inch

12.5 x 18 inch

12 x 17 inch

Select any style garden post


28 x 40 inch

28 x 42 inch

or similar size

5 ft pole 

Large Post (available for purchase in our store)


3 x 4.5 ft

3 x 5 ft

6 ft pole